Friday, September 7, 2012

The Super Stars (The real reality of reality TV)

Hi dear friends,

After a long time. My work is keeping me busy these days. But I updated my fb page time to time.

So here I am today with a free verse I created some time back.

An aesthetic creation, may it be in the form of a song, poetry, free verse, drawing, drama, etc., need one thing common to be a success. The creator should be able to give his mind set to the reader. If the audience can live inside the imaginary world of the creation while he is enjoying it, then it would be a success.

We are all different people, and we experience different things. And a single person will not be able to experience all those things by himself. Literature plays a major role here. It allows us to experience things that we might not see by ourselves. When we see a film, when we listen to a song, when read a story, we live in that world. We create it; as the writer intends or as the reader wishes. (This also important. The audience does not supposed to to see exactly what the writer needs. Writer sees it in one way. Audience may see it some other way. It is writers ability to make the audience see what he wants)

Check this and enjoy.

The Super Stars
(Real reality of reality TV)  

                   Smiling ear to ear
                   Hugging & wishing my fellow
                Telling you they are the friends
                          But beneath...
It’s again a Colosseum
 Fight you do,but show you not.
 Hate you do,but spill you not.
 Counting their every move
Fear bubbling  inside
See the cheering crowds
They grade you & may fail you
Go now show your lie
A life of lies
Reality?....Not shown
                          It’s just a play.....