Friday, October 19, 2012

Social Etiquette-02 (Professional, dinner etiquette)

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After a long time we meet again. Few weeks went by super fast. Here we are again on another post. From the way you guys are checking, I realised that many are interested in knowing about social etiquette. So I thought of doing the next part on the issue.

When talking about social and professional etiquette, there are many topics to cover.

01. Way to behave properly in a meeting
02. Manners to follow in a formal dinner
03. Meeting up new people
04. Face interviews
05. Proper clothes to wear for the occasion, etc.

01. Way to behave properly in a meeting 

when you are meeting someone for the first time, the initial impression is most important. This is applied for any professional or personal meeting. We need to tell the person we meet what we expect them to feel at the first sight. So your clothes is important. 
  • Wear suitable for the occasion. If its business meeting, you can wear business tailored suits or business casual. It's not advisable to be extra casual in business.
Business - Tailored suits
Business Casual

Business Casual
Dont be extra casual. Because your dress will speak before you. (this is true in business). Dont wear too short skirts or dresses for ladies. Dont use jewelry too much. Men have neat hair and shave properly. (First impression matters guys, trust me on this)

  • Have a firm hand shake. But dont squeeze hand. Dont let your hand go numb or show you're nervous. A firm handshake shows your confidence. 
  • If you are going to meet a group of people, introduce yourself to the most senior first. And if someone is coming to meet you and if you are senior to them, its good to let them offer hand first. Maintain authority.
  • Always keep good eye contact. When you speak to someone, look at their eyes. Dont look above the shoulder or here and there. That shows you are nervous. 
  • Speak Loud, Clear and Slow. The other person needs to understand you properly. Convey your ideas well.
  • Always get to know people by NAME. If you address someone with their name, they always make a positive feeling about you. Try to remember everybody's name you meet. If you forget, dont be shy to ask again. It's better than forgetting.

02. Manners to follow in a formal dinner

We already discussed about this. Please check this link.

When you attend a formal dinner party, it usually contains three main courses.
  1. A starter - Soup,a small portion of appetizer or a light salad. 
  2. A main course - this is a large portion of meet, fish or poultry or a vegetarian option, usually served with vegetables
  3. A dessert - this may be some cheese, ice cream or some fruit but it is usually a sweet dish.

03. Face Job interviews

  • Golden rule: Speak LOUD, CLEAR and SLOW.
  • Arrive on time. It's better to be 10 minutes early than 2 minutes late.
  • Be ready with what you are going to present. You have to show them why they must hire you. 
  • Before you go to the interview, go through company web page over and over and have a clear understanding what they are dealing with.
  • Keep a pen and paper ready with you all times.
  • Answer in proper and complete sentences. This is a formal event. You must act accordingly.
  • Your dress must be appropriate. Always dress for the job you want, even if its not the job you have.
  • Never discuss personal issues with the interviewer.
  • Do remember to send a thank-you note same day. 

There are many other things to discuss about Professional Etiquette. I hope at-least you got the general idea from this post. Keep tuned. We will hear about this topic more in the future. 

See you again.

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  1. Such an informative blog!! Really appreciate all information you shared here. Will surely use them in my professional and personal meeting. Will soon be attending a business meeting at corporate events Chicago. Going to implement these etiquettes there.