Monday, August 6, 2012

Guide Your Life : 10 things to know

There again we meet to discuss about how to design your life in a better way. To initiate having a better life, you have to know that you, and you only, have the ability and authority to control and alter your life. :) Isn't it true? simple. We all know it. But then why most of us blame other people for our misery? Why we blame our fate, our destiny, our society for our troubles? for our difficulties? Why we stress out even without knowing what stress is? Why we make our life complicated when there are so many simple and obvious  other ways? We, as humans, do not really understand what we do. That's why each and every day we should take a little time guide our life.

This is something I received from a mail last week. Some interesting facts. Maybe it's good to share it with  somebody. Because some great man once said, sharing will only increase what you already have. :)

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